What would you do with an extra 30 customers every month? Are you an e-commerce brand trying to rake in at least $100K a month? Maybe  your advertising stopped bringing you results?

We want to help you communicate your message to your customers, create compelling content to attract new ones, engage with them and do it all on the platforms that have their attention.

Most people can't get their heads around their digital marketing, so Wisemen Media created a digital system that connects with your customers and grows your business.

Wisemen believes that creating content that entertains, educates, and emotionally resonates with your audience is an essential element to a successful campaign. When this content is broadcast on the underpriced social platforms that already have your customer's attention, it gives your business the competitive edge needed to thrive in the world we live in today.

Whether you're communicating through video, images, podcast or blogs - and distributed on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Snapchat - we will identify and build your audience while simultaneously growing your business with the content people consume every day.




Wisemen Media's Lead Generation service is our flagship service. Utilizing Facebook & Instagram advertising, we funnel potential customers into an automated system and deliver them straight to you to follow up, and do the rest to turn them into great new customers. We tailor our marketing strategies to you to fill spaces other companies cannot reach.


Chatbots present an opportunity to engage with your customers, answer their questions, and drive sales in a way email marketing cannot. We can custom build and maintain a chatbot to impress your customers and keep them engaged with the business. This fully automated system is the perfect compliment to most of the strategies we implement.


The popularity of video, podcasts and blogging present a great opportunity to connect with your audience and discover your "warm" audience. We will help plan, produce content, provide resources and help execute any of these content options for your business. Over time, the continuos efforts often save money due to their unique visibility.

"Wisemen are one of the most inventive and business-savvy companies I've ever worked with. They've yielded consistent and appreciable results for my company.  "
Jesse nemitz | FORMER ceo singing success, inc.
Gearguppy was establishing itself as a new brand participating in dropshipping. They sought after Wisemen to help drive site traffic and obtain conversions. Our successful marketing strategy allowed us to achieve a 15% conversion rate, which is much higher than the national average. 

We first started with their web presence and fine-tuned items that significantly misplaced against our marketing strategy. This included total product page overhauls, extensive copywriting, and modifications to their cart design. 

Once we identified their ideal customer, we crafted a beautiful video advertisement with an irresistible discount aimed at attracting parents with toddlers. Once they were able to experience our team's fantastic service, we were sure they'd be able to turn these conversions into lifelong customers. 

In under five months, these were the results we were able to achieve:
Serenity Spa

In only a few days we brought over 23 new customers who will end up spending an average of $250 over the next year at Serenity Spa and Salon. Only a $150 AD spend delivered over $5700 worth of business at their location. Before engaging our lead generation services, Serenity was only bringing in roughly one or two new customers weekly and did not have an established base of customers they could rely on for referrals. 

Our lead generation system brings businesses high-quality leads. Subsequently, this allows a more effective sales approach, and when done correctly, yields a higher ROI. 
Our Customers often see revenue increases by 25%-75% in their first month!
See Me Smile Dental

283 Leads in 4 weeks at only $3.81 per lead. Imagine filling your inbox with leads every single day. Take it a step further, and by using a coveted sales approach, ask yourself what you would do if you were converting nearly 30-35% of the leads you receive. Using Facebook Ads, we targetted interests and split test several offers. 

We supercharged our ad copy with patient data received from the research we conducted before running their campaign. The result is an attention-grabbing, emotionally resonating, high converting offer. 
30 New Customers Every Month, Guaranteed.
 We’re driven to provide the freedom to create strategic and compelling digital experiences, highlighting each brand’s story with incredibly thoughtful and individual attention. What would you do with 30 new customers every month? Let our marketing strategies go to work for you and get the results you desire. 

Are you ready to make a huge impact on your business?